Thassos Enviroment

Fir Trees, Ypsario Mountain

Weather in Thassos

It is situated just 12 kilometres from the coast of Macedonia and broadly follows a typical Balkan climate. Summers are fine, sunny and dry but are cooler than the Cyclade group of islands and winters milder and wetter. It can however feel a little hotter during peak months as the Greek mainland shelters the island from the cooling effects of seasonal winds. Springtime or summer are considered the ideal time to visit Thassos with warm sunshine, little prolonged rainfall and unique lush and green vegetation.

Summer months are hot and dry with generally clear blue skies from May until September. Rainfall, although low, is a possibility but is rare for wet and cloudy conditions to persist for more than a few days. Typical daytime temperatures of 27c are experienced in July and visitors should enjoy 11 hours of sunshine. Away from the coast, Thassos weather is slightly milder, although still fine with some variations on higher ground. Here evenings will see a significant drop in temperature allowing for very pleasant and fresh summer nights although beach resorts will still feel warm. 

With the region enjoying a reasonably settled climate all year, winter weather in Thassos is still fine although milder with the coldest months coming in January and February. Mornings are often sunny and clear followed by occasional afternoon heavy downpours that are usually brief. The climate can experience dry but overcast weather for several days and the sea can feel very chilly during mid winter. Air temperatures reach 12-13c during the day and around 4 hours of sunshine will be enjoyed. Outside the colder months and particularly during autumn, Thassos weather is perfect for both sunbathing and outdoor activities.

Thassos Environment

The emerald isle!! So called Thassos, and a visit there proves that this characterization is definitely the most appropriate!! Thassos has been fortunate to combine mountain and sea in a magical way!! On one hand... lush lands full of pines, platanus, firs and olive trees, which give off an odour of fertility, and on the other hand vast beaches with a golden face, sometimes purely Greek, and sometimes tropical!

This inconceivable mixture is that ties the visitor forever into a place of rare beauty that is just… blessed! At the seas, which are all spotless, with azure waters that fascinate even in their view, one can find either sand or stones creating with their gloss, small mirrors with the first rays of the sun! One of the most beautiful, is that of Paradise, as well as that of Golden Beach, which both confirm to the uttermost their designation.

Apart from the flora, the fauna is also rich in Thassos! The scent of thyme and honey dominate the island, indicating the presence of hundreds of beehives, grown with care by the locals, while at the mountain one will see herds of sheep and goats, that enhance farming and the...tasting! Of course, there are plenty of fish that the visitor can enjoy in one of the picturesque taverns...

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