Thasso's nature

Apostolous Waterfalls, Kastro Village

Useful  Information

  • Greek time is 2 hours front from Greenwich and 3 ώρες head when time changes to summer.
  • International Metric System applies.
  • While you are in Greece is not neccessary to dial country's code Number.
  • Greece Tel Code is "+30", Thassos is "25930". ( Example: dial 30 25930 number, to call a number in Thassos. )
  • Police: dial 100
  • Medic Εmergency: dial 166
  • Fire Emergency: dial 199
  • Τοurist Police: dial 171
  • National Enquiries: dial 11888
  • International Enquiries: dial 161
  • In summer season, remember to have a sunblock to protect yourselves from the sun.


Greece is part of the EU and the IMF, thus the currecny that is used is EURO. If you come from a country with a different currency, you can exhange it in any bank you can find, or in a tourist office. You can find banks at Limenas and Limenaria.

Electric Power

If you live in a country with 110V electricity, your electric accessories would not work in Greece where 220V (50Hz) electrical outlets are standard. Just purchase an electrical adaptor to make sure all your equipment will work. An adaptor would allow your plug to physically fit into the Greek power outlets.

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