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Sightseeing in Thassos

Thassos has some trully amazing places to visit. All over the island you can find many interesting and historic monuments, either from the ancient times or the newer past. We could literaly write a whole book about the sights that worth to be seen in Thassos island, but we will mention only the most important. We are going to let you explore and find out the other ones!

One of the main sights in the island of Thassos, is definately the Ancient Theater located in the acropol of Limenas, which is the capital of the island. The theater is built inside a deep green nature environment, surrounded by the pine trees. From it's stands you can gaze to the port of Limenas. Nowadays the theater still hosts various plays during the summer nights and can host up to 1000-1500 people. The feeling of watching an ancient greek play in an ancient theater under the bright starry night is absolutely priceless!

In the main village of Limenas, you will see many places with ancient remains like squares and parks and some protected areas. All of those are part of the Ancient Market of Thassos where people used to buy and sell several items such as olives, olive-oil, honey, wine, grapes and many more.

Located at Limenaria, at the south part of Thassos, Palataki is a building which was built in 1903 when the german company Speidel started to exploit the mineral mines of the area. This building used to be their headquarters as they were hosting their main offices. Today Palataki (small palace) is one of the best places to visit in Thassos, as it has a wonderful area for picnics and walks. You can also visit the graphic beach of Metalleia located behind the monument.

Kastro is a very old village, one of the first in Thassos. It is located in the middle of the island, on the mountain, 23 km from Limenaria. At the old times, people used to live in mountain villages to avoid the pirates of the Mediterrean. Kastro's houses are mostly built by stone and even though many new traditional houses are built, the are still keeps this traditional look. You can visit the old church of St.Athanasios and the chapel of Profet Elias, at the edge of the village. The view from there is amazing. You can also visit the Apostoloi waterfalls which are located nearby.






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Kastro ( Castle )

On one of the peaks of mountain Ypsario, on a longitude of 800m, lies the most ancient village of the island, Kastro. It took its name from the remnants of a castle that once stood there. It flourished in the years that piracy infested the Aegean Sea and was abandoned later when the locals found work at the iron mines of the Speidel company.At the villages’ square you can find the church of St.Athanasios. For many years the village was abandoned and it was until recently that local owners renovated their manors. In January,at the celebration of St.Athanasios, Kastro becomes vibrant and lively,as many Thassians join the feast with songs and food! Do not forget to visit the area called Apostoloi, where you can see the small waterfalls, and fresh up with a quick dive if you want! It is an amazing route from Kastro which lasts about 40 minutes on foot, through the deep green forest.

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Saint Athanasios

The settlement of Kastro (Castle) in Limenaria is famous for the church of Saint Athanasios who is also the patron saint of the village. On the day of the celebration of the saint, crowds of people flock to church while giving life to this old settlement. According to many the materials used for the construction of the church, which dates back in the early 19th century, are the ruins of an old castle.

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