The architecture of Thassos

Macedonian Architecture style, Theologos Village

Architecture of Thassos

The architecture of Thassos is like a puzzle: colors, styles and human stories, constitute the pieces, the association of which give soul to every building, in every alley, in every square. Macedonian architecture seems to dominate in homes and churches; stones and marbles blend with the wood, arched doors, ornate roofs and traditional courtyards and balconies full of flowers! 

Typical examples exist in Theologos and Kazaviti that throughout the year offer the visitor an effortless journey to the past and the grandeur of nature! The scenery changes in Limenas and Limenaria! Neoclassical motifs with modern decorative touches dominate: two-storey as well as three-storey houses, with luxurious facades and roofs with gables, but also more minimalistic ones with strict lines and classic materials, such as stone and wood, to keep a calm and discreet position in the spaces!

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